Gayle Threets

Gayle Threets, Socially Responsible Realtor

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17 Years
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About Gayle Threets

Supporting community and education through applied knowledge in our neighborhoods.

Gayle Threets moved to San Francisco in the early 70's by way of Marvell, AK.

Coming from the Deep South Gayle learned that his capacity to serve others is a gift from above.
He studied economics and business and found that life outside of the classroom was much more interesting than life in the classroom. This would be the start of a great journey where his gifts for serving others would be tried and tested. Passionate about the multicultural Greater Bay Area, Gayle started “Threets and Associates”. Today he assists Bay Area Homebuyers and Sellers to navigate the complicated and everchanging real estate market with strong emphasis on Wealth and Legacy building.

If you’re searching through social media and the images suggest that Gayle may be too busy, and you feel that he wouldn’t have time to assist you. PLEASE STOP! Turn of that little annoying voice in the back of your mind, pick up the phone, text or email Gayle so him and his team can discuss what’s important to you!

Gayle is so grateful for his diverse community of friends and neighbors alike; his greatest ambition is to provide a level of service that welcome all -- like a warm blanket and a hot cup of chocolate on a cold night in December.

Because, for Gayle Threets. “Life is always better together”.